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Looking to refresh your home's look and feel without a major overhaul? This services is for you!  We specialize in strategic updates that make a big impact.  Scroll down to learn more. 


What does a home refresh include? 

Small changes can create a significant impact, enhancing both aesthetics and daily living. Whether your home refresh is minor or extensive, it begins with a well-crafted design plan tailored to your needs, budget, and style preferences. We collaborate closely with local contractors to ensure seamless execution according to the design plan.

Your next home refresh could include: 

  • Fresh Paint

  • Window Treatments

  • New Light Fixtures 

  • New Furnishings 

  • Fireplace refinishing

  • Exploring New Furniture Layouts 

  • Updating Plumbing and/or appliances 

  • New Rugs, Artwork, Accessories, Beddings, etc.

  • Hardware Replacement 

  • Trim and Molding Work

  • Flooring Updates 

  • Wallpaper Installation

  • Upgrading Countertops 

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